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David Bowie's Blackstar is being made into a four-minute Instagram movie

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Zak Kaczmarek/Getty Images

David Bowie's most recent and final album Blackstar is being made into a four-minute movie that's going to premiere on Instagram. Unbound: A Blackstar InstaMiniSeries will unravel over the course of 16 short episodes on the InstaMiniSeries Instagram account.

The series will star Tavi Gevinson and Patricia Clarkson. It's not clear if the movie will have a solid plot, but the producers told Variety it will be a collection of visuals inspired by the album's "moods." In general, there's nothing really new about images being set to music, and a 15-second episode probably won't give viewers much to cling to, but it could end up being an interesting tribute. And Bowie knew this was happening: The producers say he gave them "unmediated access" to his album and the images associated with it.

Unbound will air this Thursday at 8PM ET.