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The X-Files will 'almost without a doubt' return, says creator Chris Carter

The X-Files will 'almost without a doubt' return, says creator Chris Carter

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With The X-Files miniseries ending in a polarizing cliffhanger last night, series creator Chris Carter is confident his sci-fi brainchild will return. "I can tell you, almost without a doubt, we will come back," he told the New York Times. It's just a matter of when Fox can make it happen.

In a post-finale, Carter told the Times that, because the series has done so well in the ratings, it's just a matter of time before the show comes back. "I just had an informal conversation with [Fox Television Group's] Dana Walden, who said they would like more. The question is when. There’s an appetite for it and I think everyone is excited about doing more. It’s just how to get it done."

"Fox would like more. The question is when."

The series' eventual return now depends on whether or now stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson and the rest of the cast are available at the same time. When that happens, Fox will almost certainly give the greenlight. Carter's already ready to go: the screenwriter told TV Guide in January that he was preparing for future episodes.

This year's X-Files revival was hotly anticipated since it was officially announced last year. Though it was far from perfect, the show performed well among longtime fans. Last night's finale tied with The Bachelor as the highest rated show of the night.