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Amazon has removed hoverboards from its site again

Amazon has removed hoverboards from its site again

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In December, as fears over hoverboard fires mounted, Amazon removed boards from its online store pending a safety review. Now it seems the company has once again pulled essentially all boards formerly available for purchase.

Last week, the Consumer Products Safety Commission said it had determined that hoverboards sold without a safety review posed an "imminent hazard," and could be seized unless they were shown to meet two levels of safety certification. It's unclear if this was Amazon's rationale for pulling the boards, or if the company has plans to reinstate any boards if they're later proven to meet safety standards. This week, both Target and Toys 'R' Us similarly removed the boards from their online stores.

The ban appears to have effected nearly all boards, including major brands like Swagway and Razor, although Mashable was able to find one minor board that seems to have passed through. Links to the boards now direct to 404 pages, and searches only return results for board accessories.

Amazon has not responded to a request for comment.