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The McLaren 570GT’s weird trunk makes it an unusually usable supercar


See that bizarre rear window that's hinged on its side? The window you'd expect would peer into a 562-horsepower twin-turbo V-8? Yeah, things are a little different here.

What you're looking at is the McLaren 570GT, a (slightly) softer version of the 570S coupe that debuted last year. As McLaren describes it, the 570GT is the most "road-biased" car they've made yet — meaning it's designed to be more usable and livable at the sacrifice of some track performance. Though the GT and S share the same engine, you lose 0.3 seconds in the 0-60 mph run — 3.4 seconds, as opposed to 3.1 in the 570S.

But in exchange, you get a car that you can actually take on a road trip, because your back is less likely to kill you and you've actually got room for stuff. A gentler suspension helps smooth out rough patches of road, a modified steering system makes it less jittery at highway speeds, and most importantly, you've got that crazy flip-top lid in back. A cover over the engine — McLaren calls this the "touring deck" — leaves you with 7.8 cubic feet of space, bringing total cargo volume to 12.4 cubic feet. You're not going to be moving furniture cross-country in this, but it's enough for a weekend in the Hamptons. McLaren will even provide a custom set of luggage to slot into cubby.

The 570GT is the second of three promised models in McLaren's lower-end Sports Series, which rests below the 650S and the 675LT and hypercars like the P1. A P1, this certainly isn't — but considering that you could almost justify driving a car like the 570GT every single day, the tradeoff in performance might all be worth it.

Shipments start late this year.

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