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Todoist updates with 3D Touch and a native app for Apple Watch

Todoist updates with 3D Touch and a native app for Apple Watch


Plus a new extension for Safari

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Todoist, a to-do list manager used by more than 6 million people, is getting a series of nice upgrades today across a number of its apps. The iOS app is keeping its design but has been "almost completely rewritten," the company says, and will now let you add tasks and view your upcoming daily or weekly deadlines using 3D Touch. You can also now search for tasks and projects using Spotlight and deep link into the app from other apps.

Todoist's Apple Watch app is now fully native, and includes a complication that you can choose to display the number of remaining tasks for the day and the name of your next task, among other options. Todoist is also releasing a plugin for Safari that lets you add tasks from the browser. And the company has updated its Mac app to support natural language input. The feature, which is already available on other Todoist platforms, parses phrases like "buy groceries on Tuesday" to set due dates automatically.

A focus on speed and simplicity

On the surface, there's little that's particularly distinctive about Todoist, which has been in development since 2007. Like its biggest competitors, Todoist is available on all major platforms, allows for the quick adding and checking off of tasks, and offers tools for more advanced project tracking. But unlike Wunderlist, still our pick for best to-do list app, it requires a paid subscription to enable basic features like task syncing. At $29 a year, it isn't hugely expensive — but most people simply don't want to pay for to-do list apps.

The flip side is that charging its customers given Todoist room to focus on the features that matter most to pros. Its focus on speed and simplicity have gradually won me over, and it's now my go-to app for keeping track of tasks and projects. As of today, it's a bit more useful.