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Put your face in Santigold's interactive video for 'Can't Get Enough of Myself'

Santigold's third LP 99¢ drops this Friday, and today the Philly singer and producer shared a video for her single "Can't Get Enough of Myself." The premise is simple enough: Santigold travels around a city with a fluffy little dog, generally unable to get enough of herself. But there's a catch (or a bonus, depending on how you look at it). If you turn your webcam on while you watch the video, your face will appear on screen at random times. You'll see your reflection in Santigold's coffee, plastered over a sidewalk advertisement, and looking presidential on a dollar bill, among other places.

This is what you look like when you look at a computer

Sticking a viewer's face in a music video is not an entirely novel idea. Arcade Fire did it for "Reflektor." Azealia Banks did it with "Wallace." I'm not hugely into the trend; if you ask me, there's something slightly aggressive about being hit with a visual of your own dopey screen-face while trying to look at someone else's art. That's me up there on Santigold's shirt, staring dead-eyed at the internet. I didn't love the experience! Still, this song is called "Can't Get Enough of Myself," and Arcade Fire's song was "Reflektor" and oh God, I guess it all makes sense.

You can watch Santigold's video on Chrome here.