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The Platonic ideal of Donald Trump

The Platonic ideal of Donald Trump


I have a giant mouth and I can only scream

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Ask supporters of Donald Trump what they like about the Republican candidate and you'll hear it's his ability to say what's on his mind. He has no filter. He's not beholden to corporate interests. He hates and maligns and stereotypes freely. He is not politically correct. So it makes sense the Donald would absorb enough fear and trepidation from horror-stricken Americans to transform into his true form: a giant mouth with a bad haircut. And it will haunt you well beyond Super Tuesday.

The nightmare fuel comes from Twitter user Custard Smingleigh, who appears to have been inspired to take the idea behind the Little Face Mitt meme and fuse it with the deepest, darkest corners of internet WTF-ness. (Although it looks like the person behind the Instagram account @darnoldtrump beat Smingleigh to the punch.)

It's easy to laugh this off as a clever metaphor for Trump's eager bombast. But it also speaks to a more universal and unsettling truth: this creature may become our president.