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Watch this gorgeous 4K time-lapse showing horizons all over the world

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The sky has fascinated humans for generations — we’re pretty sure it was a major pastime of people long ago to stare up at the stars and think about life. Naturally, present-day humans honor the sky with time-lapse videos. Filmmaker Chris Pritchard recorded 4K footage in thousands of locations over five years to produce his newest work, Skylight. The stunning three-minute film shows shots of the horizon in cities, like Los Angeles and Chicago, as well as in more natural locales, like Big Sur, the Mojave Desert, and Yosemite. "Regardless of our lifestyle or surroundings, the sky is always there above us to put on a show," Pritchard wrote on the film's Vimeo page.

Skylight condenses 36 hours and 42 unique locations into three minutes of time-lapsed awe. Make sure to pick the 4K option in the Vimeo player before watching, and as an extra pro-tip, pay attention at around the 2:01 mark for a meteor spotting.