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Netflix's first German TV series is a supernatural family drama called Dark

Netflix has announced that its first-ever original German television series will be a "family saga with a supernatural twist" called Dark. According to Netflix, the show will time-hop between present day and 1986 as it explores the story of two missing children in a small German town. The series, by Swiss director Baran bo Odar, will run as 10 one-hour episodes.

Coming in 2017

There have been German movies and TV shows on Netflix before, like The Lives of Others and Funny Games,  but Dark will be the first Netflix original written, produced, and filmed entirely in Germany. As Netflix expands internationally, it's significant that the company will create original content internationally too. Netflix has been trying to get worldwide distribution rights for its own TV shows, and Dark is likely an attempt by the company to appeal to a global audience from start to finish.

Dark will arrive on Netflix sometime in 2017.