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Apple's next tablet is reportedly a smaller iPad Pro, not 'iPad Air 3'

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Rumors have pointed to a new 9.7-inch iPad at Apple's to-be-announced March event, but apparently it's not going to be called the iPad Air 3. 9to5Mac is now reporting that the next iPad will fall under the iPad Pro brand, offering a step-down size from the monstrous 12.9-inch device that Apple released in November. The naming makes sense when you take into account that this iPad will reportedly feature four speakers, the same processor, plus the same amount of RAM as the iPad Pro. Plus, it'll also work with the Apple Pencil.

9to5Mac reports that Apple is preparing a smaller version of its Smart Keyboard accessory for the new iPad, and it'll be closer in price to the existing iPad Air 2 versus the iPad Pro, which starts at $799 and shoots all the way up to $1,079. The device, along with a new iPhone — the iPhone 5se — is expected to be announced at a March 15th press event and put on sale just days later.