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Twenty absurdly pretty screenshots of Far Cry Primal on PC

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If you have a decent gaming PC and you are torn between console or computer for Far Cry Primal, these screenshots should make the decision for you. Far Cry Primal is already available on consoles, but won't arrive on PC until March 1st. I've spent a couple hours touring the Windows version of the game, and here's my profound critical opinion: it's so pretty!

If you don't have the constitution for PC babble skip to the next paragraph. The screens were taken from a play-through at 1440p resolution with maximum graphical settings across the board. My PC has two GTX 970s in SLI, but NVIDIA hasn't released the driver update for Primal yet, so don't read too much into SLI in this case. The game has run flawlessly so far. I'm only a couple hours into the campaign; maybe technically issues lurk in the shadows. For now though, this game looks incredible.

My colleague Andrew Webster had some issues with the game underneath this beautiful art, but I've hardly dug in to the story. Most of my time is just spent stalking through the grass, jumping off waterfalls, and hunting elephant with flaming spears.

Far Cry Primal screens