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Victorinox built an attachment that makes its analog watches smart

In partnership with Acer

Swiss Army Knife creator and watchmaker Victorinox has partnered with Acer to create the INOX Cybertool, a smart watch attachment for a traditional watch. The Cybertool clips on to any Victorinox INOX watch (it won't work with other traditional watches) and won't cover up the watch dial thanks to a round design. It features a slew of smartwatch features including call, text, and calendar notifications, calorie and step counting, GPS support via your smartphone, and more traditional watch features like multiple time zone support and the ability to act as a chronograph and a stopwatch.

INOX Cybertool

While it will only work on Victorinox INOX watches, the Cybertool is the first affordable smart accessory for traditional watches (it is expected to retail for $225), and could potentially kick off a trend. The downside is the Cybertool is bulky and makes your watch look completely ridiculous. But as one of the first devices of its kind, the Cybertool gives traditional watch lovers like myself hope that in the future I may not have to give up my favorite timepiece to make use of smartwatch features.