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Samsung Galaxy users are finally getting the middle finger and upside-down face emoji

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Still no diverse skin tones, though

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Samsung phone owners will get the first new set of emoji since the S5 when the company releases the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge next month. Get ready, taco fans, unicorn lovers, and volleyball players because the release on March 8th will include all the emoji you’ll need to communicate. Also included in the release is the upside-down face, the nerd face, the middle finger, a hot dog, burrito, hockey stick, and the robot face, Emojipedia reports. Galaxy S7s will automatically come with the emoji, and Galaxy devices that are upgraded to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow will get them too.

Most of the images look pretty similar to Apple’s version of the Unicode 8.0 release, although Samsung’s version of the blowing air emoji varies in that it’s shown as a cloud blowing air when it’s typically represented as a Mother Nature figure.

Another emoji that seems slightly off-kilter is the rolling eye face, which Samsung makes look like an overtly intrigued person.

All the emoji, both old and new, can be seen here. While Nexus users got the new emoji in December, both Google and Samsung devices are missing the diverse skin tone options. Twitter also updated its emoji this past year to include the skin tones, as well as other Unicode 8.0 releases.

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