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Inbox's snooze feature just got way more useful

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The snooze option has become one of the best features of email apps on our smartphones. It basically amounts to "I don't want to deal with this right now, so show it to me again sometime later." That simple concept has proven massively helpful when trying to keep your inbox under control. It's also one of the things that differentiates Google's Inbox from Gmail, the company's more mainstream email app. And today, Inbox's snooze function is getting more useful by adding options to resurface emails "this weekend" or "later this week."

Neither choice has been available until now, as Inbox previously stuck to simpler timeframes like later today, tomorrow, next week, and "someday" — and the app has always let you pick a specific date and time. The look of Inbox's snooze menu has also gotten a slight redesign and now resembles Mailbox (RIP) with icons and bigger tap targets. And finally, you can choose exactly when during the weekend that Inbox is allowed to remind you of messages.