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IBM's new Watson ad has Carrie Fisher leading a support group for robots

IBM's attempts to showcase Watson in TV commercials have been a bit less impressive than the computing system's Jeopardy wins. They usually involve a renowned figure awkwardly carrying on a short conversation with Watson, like this Bob Dylan spot or a brand-new one featuring Ridley Scott. But now IBM's getting a little more out there with its approach — in a good way. A brand-new Watson ad sees Carrie Fisher leading several sci-fi robots through a therapy session. One of the voices is unmistakable; it's Steve Buscemi.

"I’m a sinister, world-conquering, artificially intelligent robot," he says, as the other droids chime in. The general theme seems to be that they're feeling unappreciated in today's world. "I can hear you hurting," offers Fisher, before introducing Watson to the group. IBM's superbot is greeted with plenty of eye rolls and skepticism, eventually causing the session's attendees to short-circuit over his goals of helping humankind rather than wiping it from existence. I mean, it's not a tremendous commercial. But Carrie Fisher and Steve Buscemi could probably lift anything from "meh" to "pretty good,"