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Court overturns $120 million decision that found Samsung infringed on Apple patents

The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit today overturned a $120 million decision that found Samsung had infringed on patents owned by Apple. As Reuters reports, the three-judge appeals court unanimously disagreed with the lower court's findings against Samsung.

The case dates back to a May 2014 decision, when a jury found that Samsung infringed on the patents by including features like slide-to-unlock and "quick links" in its devices. In the case, Apple was also found to have infringed on a Samsung patent, but was ordered to pay a relatively small $158,400. Reuters reports that in today's decision, which also affirmed the smaller decision against Apple, the court reasoned that Samsung had not infringed on one patent, and that other patents were invalid.

"We are delighted with the resounding victory from the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, which found that two of Apple's patents should never have been issued," Samsung said in a statement, adding that the decision "puts competition back where it belongs — in the marketplace, not in the courtroom."

Meanwhile, Samsung has asked the Supreme Court to hear an appeal on another case, where the company was again found to have infringed on Apple patents. In that decision, which dates back to a lawsuit from 2011, Samsung agreed to pay $548 million, while saying that the Supreme Court hearing may change the situation.

Update 5:59PM ET: Includes statement from Samsung.