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Kylo Ren and Han Solo: they’re just like us!

Kylo Ren and Han Solo: they’re just like us!

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There's no denying that Kylo Ren is angsty. The Force Awakens' entire plot essentially centers around his confused self-identity and the rejection of his parents' ideals. Honestly, although the movie's great, it still feels like it's missing a crucial line: "It’s not a phase, mom!!"

Poor Han and Leia have to grapple with that fact that their son not only totally rejects the Force, which they've dedicated their lives to, but also that he's saber-swinging for the other team! One can only imagine what life must have been like when raising him. Luckily, we don't have to picture it because Tumblr user mamalaz created an entire series based on the family's home life, called The Modern Adventures of Han and Ben.

We all experimented with new religions, clothing, subcultures, and music as teenagers, and for Kylo, he's just testing out the dark side. It's normal to change your name and reject your parents! Maybe the darker look will be a good fit for Kylo, or maybe not. We’ll find out in future Star Wars, no doubt, because they will continue be made long past our time on Earth.