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Facebook's new reactions also speak Pirate

Facebook's new reactions also speak Pirate

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Facebook launched its new-and-improved Like button yesterday, which lets users react with more than a simple thumbs up. They can now love something, or thinks it’s worthy of a wow face, a sad face, an angry face, or a "haha" face.

Well, that's how the emoji translate in English. But because a majority of the world doesn't speak English, Facebook translated the reactions to make them comprehensible to all its billions of users, including those who speak pirate.

Oh, you didn't know you could speak pirate? Well, yes, you can, and anyone whose language preference is pirate on the social media site gets a different set of reaction options. Check 'em out:

They can Yo ho ho!

or shiver me timbers!

or avast! (Whatever that means!)

They can warm their cockles!! Highly questionable wording!!

And in a majorly depressing turn, they can feel like "takin' a walk on the plank with a bottle o' rum."

Does your language of choice have strange reaction translations? Let us know in the comments. And to try pirate reactions, select Settings, Language, and English (Pirate) on your own Facebook page.