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YouTube CEO says 'we're listening' to growing criticisms of complaint system

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YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki tonight tweeted out a message of thanks to the YouTube community at large, vowing that the company is "listening" to recent feedback from creators, who've taken issue with the site's complaint system. A growing number of popular YouTubers have criticized the company's way of handling copyright violations and, in turn, the appeals process about those notices. Channels impacted by the complaints system can lose out on monetization — sometimes for weeks at a time. That's proven so annoying that some YouTube users are at least weighing the idea of removing their content from the platform. Wojcicki doesn't want that to happen.

In an attempt to assuage those concerns, YouTube is assembling a team "dedicated to minimizing mistakes and improving the quality of our actions," an employee wrote on the site's help forums. "The feedback you've raised in comments and videos on YouTube and beyond is having an impact. It's caused us to look closely at our policies and helped us identify areas where we can get better." Further, YouTube will be rolling out unspecified initiatives over the next few months to strengthen the relationship between support staff and the people making all those videos with millions of views. "We'll also make improvements to increase transparency into the status of monetization claims."