20 Pokemon misidentified by somebody who has never seen them before

I'm sorry


On this, the 20th anniversary for Pokémon, I am forced to admit that despite some serious time put into Pokémon Snap on the N64, I cannot name a single Pokémon nor its powers (beyond, of course, Pikachu). This is a moral failing on my part, I admit it fully, but it is also an opportunity. I have asked our Games Editor Andrew Webster to send me 20 images of Pokémon. Without any help from Google or my fellow humans, I will attempt to identify them, their backstories, and their powers.

Happy anniversary, Pokémon. To all of you, whomever or whatever you may actually be.

I am guessing I got a few of these wrong. I hope none of them are your favorite. If so, I am sorry. Actually, I'm sorry either way.