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Slick concept shows how Apple could upgrade Control Center with 3D Touch

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Control Center was a welcome addition when it was added to iOS in 2013, but if Apple's engineers are looking for some ideas, they may want to take a look at this extremely well-done concept from British designer Sam Beckett. The updated Control Center works with 3D Touch, naturally expanding the utility of the pop-up settings menu. For instance, a hard press on the Wi-Fi icon lets you quickly choose a network to join.

The concept also has some much-needed features, like the ability to rearrange settings icons and swap in entirely new shortcuts, like Low Power Mode and a toggle for cellular connectivity. In addition, AirDrop and AirPlay have been reduced to icons, the way it probably should be. Right now they both share an entire row that certainly isn't necessary.

There are no crazy ideas here, but that's just what makes this a good concept — it's easy to imagine Apple implementing these features. We'll just have to wait until the fall to see if the company borrows any of these ideas in iOS 10.