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Oscars 2016: Emmanuel Lubezki wins Best Cinematography for The Revenant

Oscars 2016: Emmanuel Lubezki wins Best Cinematography for The Revenant


A new record has just been set

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Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki just won an Oscar for his work on The Revenant, setting a new Oscar record in the process. This is the third year in a row Lubezki has taken home the award for Best Cinematography, having won the last two years for 2013's Gravity and 2014's Birdman. He's the only filmmaker to have won the award three times in a row, and is only one win away from matching the all-time record in the category altogether.

It'd be hard for anyone to argue Lubezki's work in The Revenant wasn't deserving. He and director Alejandro Iñárritu shot the film usually only natural light, giving The Revenant a haunting, ethereal glow even as the film depicted some truly savage imagery and environments. He also won out over some of the very best cinematographers working today, including Ed Lachman's subtle, classical work in Carol, John Seale's audacious collaboration with director George Miller on Mad Max: Fury Road, and Sicario's formidable D.P. Roger Deakins, who still hasn't taken home an Oscar after 13 nominations. Basically, all of the nominated films this year were stunning, so if The Revenant — or any of the other nominees — are still playing in theaters in your area, they're worth watching on as big a screen as possible.

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