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Senator Claire McCaskill celebrates the Oscars with Mad Max cosplay

Kris Connor/Getty Images

Mad Max's multiple Oscar wins drew deserved cheers from the Academy Award audience last night, but support for the movie also came from an unexpected source — democratic senator from Missouri, Claire McCaskill. McCaskill, who was diagnosed with breast cancer this week, tweeted a picture during the Oscars that showed her in full Mad max garb, wearing chains around her neck and Tom Hardy's distinctive face grate contraption over her mouth and nose.

McCaskill's homage was particularly fitting on a night when Mad Max swept the board for production awards, taking the Best Costume Design, Production Design, Makeup & Hairstyling, Film Editing, and both Sound Mixing and Editing statuettes. Describing her mood as "fierce," McCaskill's picture also came a day after she publicly thanked people for their warm wishes and support, after she announced she was fighting cancer on February 23rd. The senator seemingly enjoyed the Oscars at home with her family — complete with costume — but dressed in her Mad Max mask, McCaskill could've cleaned up on the Hollywood red carpet.