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Batman fires a rifle at Superman in new Batman v. Superman clip

After the Oscars last night, Jimmy Kimmel invited Ben Affleck on to his show to reveal a brand-new clip from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Here, the two superheroes are in the middle of their battle when Superman drags the Dark Knight through a building (presumably the Gotham City Police Department) and throws him into the Bat Signal. But in spite of this punishment, Batman refuses to stay down. Instead he digs into his bag of tricks and produces a smoke bomb, forcing his foe to come close enough for a rifle shot a close range.

There are a number of confusing things going on in this clip, the first being why everything is barely visible. For me, it's just extremely unclear why Batman has this rifle at all, since the character is vehemently opposed to firearms in the comics. All this is especially odd since director Zack Snyder has said in the past that he tends to default to the "true canon." We'll just have to wait and see where the movie takes us. Batman v. Superman premieres on March 25th.