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The Popslate 2 comes with a bigger E ink display and will charge your iPhone

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Last year, Popslate brought its first E ink iPhone case to market, giving users a second screen to display information on. This year, the company is back with the Popslate 2, which features a larger screen, notifications, and a built-in battery to charge your iPhone.

Although the original Popslate didn't live up to its potential — it needed to be charged via Micro-USB instead of a lightning cable, it could only shuffle through eight images at launch, and despite being a Mophie-sized case, it couldn't charge your iPhone — Popslate has remedied all those issues on the second-generation device. The Popslate 2 now comes with a 4.7-inch display at 200dpi, up from 4 inches and 115dpi. And it now uses the Lightning port to communicate with your iPhone instead of Bluetooth, allowing users to simultaneously charge the case and the phone.

The built-in battery will add nine hours of talk time and five hours of web browsing

Popslate says the built-in battery will add nine hours of talk time and five hours of web browsing to your iPhone, which is less than Apple's battery case offers, but you don't get a nice E ink display with that. The Popslate 2 can multitask as well, allowing you to switch through five different apps using the newly added capacitive buttons at the bottom of the screen. The case can also pull in your notifications, which it says can conserve your iPhone battery by leaving the main screen off.

Popslate is certainly packing a ton of new features into its new case, so we'll see how it actually runs when we get our hands on the device in the coming weeks. The Popslate 2 is available for pre-order on Indiegogo today starting at $69, and will retail for $129 and $149 for the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus respectively.