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Morgan Freeman went to the Oscars just to nab a handful of Girl Scout cookies

Morgan Freeman went to the Oscars just to nab a handful of Girl Scout cookies

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Kevin Winter/Getty Images

After presenting the Academy Award for best picture to the team behind Spotlight, Morgan Freeman took a little time to grab some Girl Scout cookies out of Chris Rock's hand and leave immediately.

Obviously there's a lot to respect about this move, despite the fact that the cookies he grabbed appear to be Shortbreads (the broccoli of Girl Scout cookies) even though Chris Rock had a box of Thin Mints in the very same hand.

For one, I respect that Freeman didn't feel like hugging any of the newly minted Academy Award-winners standing around him. I never feel like hugging. And I've never even sat through a four-hour ceremony, waiting for my moment to read off a teleprompter for 45 seconds, nor been 78 years old.

Two: Michael Keaton also makes a grab for some cookies, but is visibly chewing gum, just like he is 100 percent of the time. That's gross. Cookies and gum don't go together, Michael. Congratulations on not being Michael, Morgan Freeman.

cookies are way sweeter than stupid hugs

Finally, Freeman's performance at the Oscars is eerily similar to my own performance at the Verge's Oscars viewing / reportage party, at which I snapped up three mini cupcakes and made a breezy 1AM exit. I didn't pay for the cupcakes, and Freeman didn't pay for these cookies even after Chris Rock's extended bit about how rich people should support Girl Scouts.

We both considered our presence payment enough, and I don't think either of us would ever reconsider that opinion.