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This Kickstarter aims to deliver a 2-in-1 Micro USB and Lightning cable

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One cable for all your portable gadgets

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If you own a lot of tech (plus an iPhone or iPad), you've probably got at least two cables you take everywhere: an Apple Lightning cable and a Micro USB cable. That's not really a major nuisance; Apple's cable works with Apple things, and the Micro USB plugs into most everything else. But a new Kickstarter project hopes to bridge the gap between them and combine both must-have cables into one. It's the LMcable, and it's already raised over $15,000 in funding. On one side of the cable is the familiar gold-striped Lightning connection. On the other end is a Micro USB. The cable puts out a maximum current of 2.4 A and the inner wires are claimed to be "10 times more durable than the regular wires."

A Frankenstein creation like this obviously isn't going to comply with Apple's "Made for iPhone" standards, so the creators behind the Kickstarter told The Verge they're not going to bother seeking that certification. As such, this is definitely a try-at-your-own-risk type deal, though it's also a very clever one.

If you really want a dual-purpose cable that badly, there are other options that feature an attachment for turning the Lightning end into a Micro USB connector. And those come from reputable companies that've been making accessories for years. Here, you're taking the old Kickstarter trust test. That's always a risk, but if you're dying to carry a single cable around for all your devices, well, this could be the Holy Grail — if you can wait until April to receive the first shipping units.