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These gorgeous Legend of Zelda masks are home decor for the super fan

Goron and buy one

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Majora's Mask is unique among Legend of Zelda games for a few reasons. There's the Groundhog Day-like structure, that has you repeating the same three days over and over again. There's the fact that it's set in Termina, a parallel version of Hyrule, where most Zelda games take place. Then there are the titular masks themselves, which imbue hero Link with different powers when he wears them. And if you have a few hundred dollars laying around, you can own some for yourself.

London-based designer James Sharp has created a trio of stunningly detailed masks based on ones found in the game, including the titular mask. The Majora's Mask was actually created a year ago, but Sharp decided he wanted to do more, so he recently made two new ones based on the Goron and Deku masks found in the game. Both have a wonderful organic look and feel to them. The Deku mask is "made to look as if it had been grown rather than made," Sharp says, while the Goron was designed to "look like it was made from rock." They're not just cool; they're also things you can buy. The one-of-a-kind masks are available on Sharp's Etsy page.

His next project? The creepy Zora mask.

Majora's Mask mask

Majora's Mask mask