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Watch this electric skateboard set a new Guinness World Record for speed

'Enter the world of the human Formula 1 car'

A 32 year old set a new Guinness World Record recently when he reached 59.55mph on an modified electric skateboard. Mischo Erban, who describes himself as a "human Formula 1 car," set the record at Portorož Airport in Piran, Slovenia, on a NEXTBoard created by the Slovenian startup technology company Next Generation Vehicles.

Erban's achievement was not without its share of bruises and scrapes. A video shows the daredevil wiping out, his body skidding across the airport tarmac for several yards, just as he secures the record. "I am attracted by speed — and have learned to master the danger," Erban said.

Two years in development, the NEXTBoard is a four-wheel-drive motorized longboard, powered by four Scorpion motors (one in each wheel) and two Tattu 6S batteries. A handheld remote controls the speed. The customized board takes an hour and a half to charge and has an approximate range of six to nine miles.

Erban is not new to record breaking. In 2012, he set the record for fastest speeds for downhill skateboarding when he hit 80.74mph on a dangerously steep road in Les Éboulements, Quebec.