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Frank Ocean reportedly shared new music at a listening party in NYC last night

An album could be coming soon... or not

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Frank Ocean's follow-up to 2012's Channel Orange is something of a modern musical mystery. It didn't get a release date until 2015, and then that July date came and went without so much as a new single. By the time 2015 ended, no one seemed entirely convinced there even was an album. But today, murmurings about the album (which might be called Boys Don't Cry) have found their way back into the spotlight, following reports that Ocean held a secret VIP listening party in New York City last night.

For now, these reports are little more than the combination of a very appealing rumor and a handful of song snippets with vocals that definitely sound like Frank Ocean's. You can listen to one of those snippets below, at least until it inevitably gets pulled. Still, the mere existence of a listening party would be confirmation that Frank Ocean has new music to share. Whether or not that means an album is in the near future is another story. A more optimistic person might say this is all proof enough, but I'm wary of getting swept up in the moment — we've all been burned before.

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