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Oscars 2016: Watch the Verge staff's late-night, semi-delirious reactions to the awards

'It's not acting, it's just doing things that are awful.'

Last night, deep inside Verge’s Oscars HQ, the staff shared their thoughts and feelings during the telecast of the 88th annual Academy Awards. Nothing inspires a healthy dose of shouting at the TV like the Oscars, and last night's show was full of enough surprises and oddities to keep up awake well past midnight. From Leonardo DiCaprio’s big win, to Mad Max’s winning streak, to how Chris Rock stacked up as a host, you’re about to get a very candid assessment of the ceremony from some very sleepy bloggers.

Did the "thank you" ticker tape work? Did Spotlight deserve to win Best Picture? How hot was The Verge office, exactly? Stare deeply into our bloodshot, eyes and learn the terrifying truth.