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My new eMail address is giving me a headache, please help


Hi everybody, I hope someone's able to explain to me what's going on here and how to solve it.

So I'm basically new to the Apple ecosystem (first ever Mac for 6 months) and my setup consists of a BlackBerry 10 device and a MacBook. The BlackBerry is probably to be replaced by an iPhone in early 2017.

Before I got the MacBook I'd do basically all of my email, contacts and calendar stuff solely from my BlackBerry and my main account for years has been an one, which always worked flawless. Everything from email over contacts to calendar got synced both ways between the servers and my BlackBerry within seconds. For example, if I would start typing an email on the web, a few seconds later there would by a draft in my BlackBerry HUB. Everything worked as it should. So far so good.

Now since I got a Mac I was looking to get everything synched between both devices. I wanted to be able to also use my account from this MacBook, preferably through dedicated apps as it is on the phone, not from the web. So first I tried Microsoft Office Outlook for Mac, but who would've guessed that an email account from Microsoft barely works with an email client named Outlook from Microsoft (I just can't get over this fact, Microsoft, take a bath in shame). Meaning calendar and contacts don't work between Outlook the service and Outlook the software at all. It's incredible.

Next thing I wanted to try was Apple Mail, Contacts and Calendar. Mail works just like Outlook, but Contacts and Calendar: out of luck again.

So I stumbled across the option to get an email address (or maybe what seems to be an email account isn't one?) and signed up for it when I configured everything iCloud on my Mac. I exported all my contacts through the web and imported them in Apple Contacts and enabled the sync. I then deleted my email account from Apple Mail and my BlackBerry and added my new account on both devices. Calendar and Contacts do now work. But here comes something I don't understand:

Naturally, I now wanted to make this new address my new main email address. So the first thing I wanted to do is changing my Apple ID from my old account to my new account. That gave me an error which stated something along the lines of "you can't use an email address as your Apple ID". -- WTF?

So I thought OK, fine, I'll just continue to use my Hotmail-address as my Apple ID, who cares.

Now when I moved 4.300 legacy messages in Apple Mail from my Hotmail account over to my iCloud Account and deleted the Hotmail for good from the app, I wanted to try if everything works. So I tried to send an email through my iCloud account and an error occured:

iCloud error message

Error message when attempting to send an email

Note: at this point my Hotmail account is erased from the Apple Mail app, but still acts as my Apple ID though. Anyway: why does it still say "Sending from: [Hotmail account]" up there?

So I went into the Mail account settings, and, for my iCloud account, I found this:

iCloud Account settings Apple Mail

iCloud Account settings Apple Mail

So apparently, my Alias, Email address and User Name still contain my old Hotmail address. Now if I try to edit either the Alias or my Email address here, the app crashes and I can neither hit Cancel nor Ok.

This drives me bonkers to say the least. So what's going on here? Do I have an iCloud Email account now or not? And what does that Hotmail stuff still do up there?

What's also interesting is that the iCloud account works absolutely flawless on my BlackBerry. I can send and receive Email and the recipient gets the message from [name], not from my Hotmail account. Also, not one word about my Hotmail account in the entire account settings pane on my BlackBerry.

So what can I do now? Try to just delete the account from the Mac preferences and set it up new, maybe with the advanced settings that are also used by me phone (servers etc.)? Can anybody wrap his his head around this?

Thanks in advance!