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Key & Peele play goofy sportscasters in Squarespace's Super Bowl commercial

Key & Peele's newest sketch is a commercial for Squarespace. The website builder and hosting service, whose ads you may have heard if you've listened to a podcast in the last year, is trying out a new advertising platform: the Super Bowl. Super Bowl commercials are usually big, expensive things that millions of people end up seeing — and a Key & Peele cosign can't hurt.

Look at their facial hair

The ad is just one part of an entire Squarespace campaign. Key & Peele play Lee and Morris, two men with carefully sculpted facial hair whose biggest dream is to be sportscasters. They finally get their big break during the Super Bowl (kinda). The pair will also live stream improv game commentary on Sunday.

Don't worry: Lee and Morris won't be the last you see of K&P. The pair have more than a handful of their own projects in the works this year.