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Microsoft Band update improves battery life with GPS power saving mode

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Microsoft has been steadily improving its Band software in recent weeks. An update in December added music controls and a movement reminder, and the software maker is rolling out a new update today that improves battery life.

Microsoft claims battery life can improve by up to four hours if you track bike use or runs. The battery life improvements come from a new power saving mode for GPS, allowing the Band to track location in intervals rather than continuously. Microsoft's new power saving mode is only available on the Microsoft Band 2, and the company's Health app will continue to track routes even if it's enabled.

Alongside the battery improvements, Microsoft is also rolling out an update to its Health app across Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. Microsoft Health will now allow users to track their weight by entering it into the app regularly. It's a manual process, but there are charts and BMI data if you're interested in tracking your weight over weeks or months.