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Kanye West clarifies that Waves isn’t the best album of all time

Kanye West clarifies that Waves isn’t the best album of all time


But it’s still pretty good

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Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Kanye fans have waited years for a follow-up to Yeezus. It’s been a long journey, filled with SoundCloud troubles, two album name changes, major Twitter beef, and now, finally, a definitive release date. We’ve waited long enough, and according to Kanye, all our time spent on heightened Waves alert was well worth it. He has created the best album of all time. Yes, the best album. Ever.

Just as Adam was created in God’s image, Waves will be Kanye’s pièce de résistance. And we have no greater documentarian of this achievement than cultural historian Kylie Jenner, who serves as official notary. The hype is real. We can’t wait to bow down to hallowed Yeezus. Bless him for gracing the world with the greatest album of ALL TIME.

But wait, maybe not? Last night the artist clarified that Waves isn’t the best album of all time. It’s just one of many.

The album will honor the many artists who influenced and touched his life, he tweeted, some of whom he just can't top.

Aw, Kanye, that’s humble. Maybe this is the mark of a new era. With Kim Kardashian making peace with Amber Rose, and Kanye reporting that he and Wiz Khalifa are cool, it seems like Waves will be birthed into a world full of positive vibes.

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