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Halo 5 podracing mod reminds world podracing is cool

Halo 5 podracing mod reminds world podracing is cool

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Where does the internet stand on podracing? I need to know, because if podracing is trending downwards then it's time to unload some mint-in-box commodities.

Before Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I assumed the world had unified around the stance that the space hotrods are:

a.) Cool

b.) The best part of Phantom Menace

c.) A great way to diversify your classic toy collection

But in the past month, I've noticed a concerning podracing backlash. "The sequence is too long," says my Twitter stream. "It distracts from the plot."

Modder CaptainDireWolf hasn't forgotten the charm of podracing, leading to this — maybe just a dip in public faith in the greatest thing to come from the prequel trilogy. Using Halo 5's Forge Map tools, the designer created a playable podracing multiplayer mode reminiscent of the N64 game, Star Wars Episode 1: Podracer.

YouTube channel The Epidemic created a video (above) to advocate for the great fictional pastime. See! Podracing is cool! And my classic toy investment is worth lots of money! Glad that's settled!