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Droneboarding is 2016's best new sport

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So you want to go snowboarding, and you have snow and a board but — critically — you don't have an incline. Were this 2015, 2014, 2013, or really most years between the birth of humans and/or snowboarding, you probably would have just given up and/or started driving toward a mountain. But this is 2016 and the future is bright: droneboarding is here.

Droneboarding is the newly developed practice of using a drone to drag around someone on a snowboard. Last week, we lamented that the only available documentation of this great sport used both a small human (child) and a small drone (quadcopter). Fortunately, there is more: another video filmed in late January shows a standard-sized human (adult) being dragged around on a snowboard by a very large drone. It is excellent and everything you'd want out of an early droneboarding video. I say "early" because presumably there will be some much crazier stuff once this sport matures. Probably accidents, too! Everyone please be careful while droneboarding. The future may be here but universal healthcare isn't!