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The Twitch co-founder is bringing back lifecasting

Steve Jennings/Getty Images

Justin Kan is relaunching the channel that created the modern live-streaming movement., founded in 2007 and shuttered in 2014, featured a nearly-24/7 video feed of Kan's life by way of a hat-mounted webcam connected to a laptop in his backpack. Of course, live streaming has come a long way. For one, eventually spawned the game-streaming site Twitch, which was sold to Amazon for nearly $1 billion last year. Today Kan says he's relaunching his original "lifecasting" channel on his personal Snapchat account.

"After learning about Snapchat Stories, I’ve become obsessed with Snapchat," Kan wrote on his website, where he says he's looking for someone to help him relaunch "As a social tool, it fulfills a need outside of messaging (1-1 and group communication) and Facebook / Twitter / Instagram (social validation). As a platform, I think Snapchat is on the tipping point of going mainstream."

"As a platform, I think Snapchat is on the tipping point of going mainstream."

Kan says the channel will feature some of the startups he's invested in over the course of the last six months. Beyond that, he doesn't have a concrete plan for the relaunch other than "putting my random adventures in travel, startups, and entrepreneurship on my Snapchat Story." Kan notes how the idea may be a terrible one, but adds it "worked out well the first time," with the latter phrase linking out to a Wall Street Journal story on Amazon's acquisition of Twitch.