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Apple to receive award for preserving historic New York City buildings

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Apple has some of the most beautiful stores in New York City, and a big part of that is because many have been placed inside incredible buildings dating back to the early 1900s. Next month, The New York Landmarks Conservancy — a nonprofit that promotes the preservation of landmark buildings — will recognize Apple for its role in preserving the spaces that it's placed stores in. There are four in total using historic buildings: its SoHo store, its W. 14th St. store, its Upper East Side store, and its store inside of Grand Central. The conservancy says it'll be recognizing Apple with its Chairman’s Award for "preserving, restoring, and repurposing notable historic structures" by building stores "marrying high tech and distinguished architecture."

If you live or work in Manhattan, you may already be familiar with these Apple Stores — even if you aren't interested in shopping, many of the spaces are impressive enough to draw you in. If not, we've collected Apple's photos and renders of the four stores highlighted by the conservancy, which you can see below.

NYC Apple Stores in historic buildings


Apple Store, Upper East Side