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GoPro releases new 4K sample footage from the Karma drone

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GoPro is about to announce what is likely to be disappointing earnings from the company's fourth quarter of 2015, so what better to distract from that than some new footage from the company's upcoming drone? The footage shows skier Bobby Brown cruising down a hill holding what you'd think was just a GoPro — that is, until he lets it go and the camera just flies away into the wintery sky.

GoPro's been slowly releasing tiny bits of information about the Karma quadcopter ever since CEO Nick Woodman announced it at last year's Code Conference. The bit we learned this time around is that the drone will shoot in 4K resolution. That's not necessarily surprising, but at the rate we're learning about Karma, we'll take it.

(Oh, and if you were thinking of going to Zapruder-level extremes to find a picture of the drone in the reflection of Brown's goggles, don't bother. GoPro edited out the drone.)