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LG confirms it will reveal the G5 smartphone on February 21st

We're hearing a lot of really interesting things about what LG has planned for its next major Android phone. The G5 is rumored to be a major departure from the G4 and its predecessors, with a design that likes "nothing like" those phones and an "accessory slot," the exact purpose of which no one seems to be sure — yet. But at least the wait is getting shorter; today LG confirmed via Twitter that the G5 is indeed coming at its Mobile World Congress keynote on February 21st. Along with the tweet are several photos taken in New York City, each with the number 5 as its subject.

After introducing last year's G4, LG returned later in 2015 with the V10, which added a steel frame, impressive manual video controls, hi-fi audio, and other new features. LG may be bleeding money as it tries time and time again to build a hit Android smartphone, but every indication says that the G5 will be the company's boldest attempt yet. We'll be live at the company's big press conference later this month, so check back for all of The Verge's Mobile World Congress coverage.

Time for some play! With new friend comes new fun.Excitement begins at Barcelona on February 21st.#LG #LGG5 #G5

Posted by LG Mobile on Wednesday, February 3, 2016