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Fashion brand United Nude made an abstract Lambo

Fashion brand United Nude made an abstract Lambo

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United Nude

If you took a racing game on a modern video game console and ported it back a generation, and then another generation, and another generation, and then back before the original PlayStation, and then back a few more generations while still trying to render the cars in three honest-to-God dimensions, eventually you'd get this: a car made of just a few polygons, only remotely resembling an actual automobile. That's the idea behind the Lo Res Car, a concept from fashion brand United Nude, whose Lo Res Project has applied a similar aesthetic to a variety of objects you can actually buy like ballet flats, heels, and chairs.

You can't really tell, but the Lo Res Car is apparently based on the Lamborghini Countach — one of the most recognizable supercars ever made, a product of the ’70s that got more and more ridiculous-looking over the years until its eventual replacement in 1990. Ironically, the Countach itself was kind of "low-res" in the first place, a jumble of facets, angles, and hard lines that gave it an extraordinarily aggressive appearance.

I don't know, do they look anything alike to you?By contrast, I would not call the United Nude Lo Res Car "aggressive." To the contrary, really: it's fully electric and limited to just 50 km/h (31 mph). I don't really know how you see out of it, and getting in and out looks like a real production — the entire body hinges upward on an electric lift, then you climb over the chassis and into one of the two tandem seats.

At least it's real, which is more than you can say for a lot of concept vehicles. It's expected to be on display in Los Angeles soon, and it's not the last of the series: United Nude says it's "designing and developing more cars and will continue to challenge conventional car making and the future of cars."