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Apple Music for Android now lets you save songs to an SD card

Apple Music for Android now lets you save songs to an SD card


Apple is actually playing to Android's strengths

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Don't ever say Apple isn't willing to play to Android's strengths. The company has just released an update for Apple Music that lets users store downloaded songs onto SD cards (which means microSD cards for most phones today). The change lets Android listeners "keep more music offline" — and potentially more music than any iPhone or iPad can store. Recent Android phones support microSD cards that are truly monstrous in side, so if you combined one of those with, say, the LG G4 or Moto X Pure Edition, you could dwarf the built-in storage on iOS, which currently tops out at 128GB.

Today's update also adds a full schedule listing for Beats 1, and lets you browse music by composers and compilations, a big plus for classical music and soundtrack fans.

Apple Music's Android app, still tagged with a "beta" label, was released in November — months after it premiered on iPhone. Beyond hardware-centric features like SD support, Apple has also done a decent job sticking to Android design standards, though the app remains saddled with a 3-star average review rating. But perhaps that's fair, since there are still some crucial things missing like, as a commenter noted below, Chromecast support.