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Amazon's Echo speaker now streams music from Spotify

Amazon's Echo speaker now streams music from Spotify


Alexa, what took you so long?

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The Amazon Echo will now officially support Spotify, which means Echo owners and Spotify premium subscribers can stream their music by commanding virtual assistant "Alexa" to play Spotify. Previously you could play Spotify music on the speaker using Bluetooth, but there was no direct device support for Echo within Spotify Connect.

It's worth noting that Spotify is the first major on-demand streaming music service the Echo supports. The sneakily capable, tubular smart-home-hub-disguised-as-a-speaker already offered music, ebook, and podcast listening through Pandora, TuneIn, and iHeartRadio, as well as Amazon's own Prime Music and Audible services.

The Spotify integration comes just after Amazon said the Echo could order a Domino's pizza for you. Next week it will probably open your mini-fridge door and grab a beer for you, making your college dorm room experience complete. Who am I kidding ... Alexa, stream Spotify, order Domino's.

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