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Diary app Day One overhauled to add more photos and more journals

Diary app Day One overhauled to add more photos and more journals

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Mac and iOS journaling app Day One received an extensive overhaul today, the result of a two-year development period that saw its creators rebuild the software from the ground up, and re-release it as a new app on the App Store. New features added in the confusingly named Day One 2 include support for multiple journals, the ability to add multiple photos to one entry, a new map view on iOS, a photo timeline on the Mac version, and a new user interface.

Users of the new app will now be able to run up to 10 private journals at the same time, and will be able to select, tag, and delete entries in any of them using new entry management tools. Entries themselves now have support for up to 10 photos where previously they only allowed one, meaning you can add short photo essays to your diary entries rather than having to select a single snapshot to define your day. The Mac version of the app lets users browse through diary entries using these photos, so you can remember exactly what you were doing when you took a specific image. The iOS version, on the other hand, has a new map view that will show you other journal entries made in the same location, or featuring photos taken nearby.

The old version of Day One was already one of the more intuitive journal apps available, and the new changes make it smoother to use, but existing customers could be put off by having to re-buy the new edition for $9.99 on iOS, or $39.99 on Mac — a fairly steep price if you've already bought the app once. In response, developer Bloom Built says it will continue to maintain the existing Day One app, and will offer 50 percent off the price of both original Day One and Day One 2 this week.