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Twitter is testing a new GIF button on its mobile app

Twitter is testing a new GIF button on its mobile app

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Twitter is apparently testing a new button on its mobile app for posting GIFs. A number of users have reported the button appearing sandwiched between the options for posting photos and polls when composing a tweet on a mobile device. Twitter user Phil Pearlman told TechCrunch that when he clicked the button, he was shown a selection of ready-made GIFs, including some categorized by mood and others that were trending. This is similar to what other companies like Facebook and Yahoo have done with their own messaging apps — partnering with third-parties like Giphy and Tumblr to integrate catalogs of GIFs.

A quick search for "GIF button" on Twitter shows that plenty of users have been given access to the experimental feature, and, judging by the tone of the GIFs they've been posting, the reaction is pretty positive:

Allowing more GIFs on Twitter will be another way to spruce up the platform with extra content (while draining your mobile data a little more as well), and could offer new branding opportunities for the company with sponsored GIFs. Twitter hasn't issued any official statement on the tests, but responded to a request for comment from TechCrunch's Jon Russell with the following GIF:


To which we say: