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I accept LG's psychedelic G5 invitation

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This year's Mobile World Congress is only a couple of weeks away, and last night LG issued the final invitations for its G5 launch event at the show. Having already set a theme of play and fun, LG has gone all in with a selection of animated GIFs depicting exuberant balloon animals, toy robots, and some peculiar cross between a goldfish and Mr. Potato Head. It marks an interesting approach to marketing a new flagship smartphone, as most companies work hard to make their phones not seem like toys. Maybe LG is taking the "get 'em while they're young" philosophy to its logical extreme.

LG's use of bright and vibrant colors here could be a hint pointing to new display technology — a switch to an OLED screen, perhaps — and the bulbous shapes floating in the background could also be related to Android Marshmallow, the overwhelmingly likely candidate for the G5's operating system. We already know that the G5 will have a unique accessory slot at the bottom, and if these invitations are anything to go by, its first audience might be kids, a demographic that's already accustomed to being rewarded for slotting things into other things. We'll know for sure on February 21st.