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The Prius is the least badass car on the road

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Just let Toyota's cringeworthy Super Bowl ad prove it to you


Well my name is Todd, and I got a job
Workin’ for The Man from 9 to 5
When I’m on the road, feelin’ bad and bold
It’s the only time I feel alive

They can’t believe what their eyes have seen
They never thought a Prius could be so badass
It’s hybrid mayhem on the road
It goes a bunch of friggin’ miles on so little gas

It’s heck on wheels
I just don’t give a dang

(Chorus) Heck on wheels!

(Siren blaring)

When Johnny Law is comin’ after you
But he’s not after you, so you let him through
Cause Johnny Law just pass you right on by!
Yeah, this mutha-truckin’ ride is keepin’ it safe
So now I don’t spill my chai

Yeah, talkin’ ‘bout heck on wheels
Heck on wheels

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