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You now have the answer to 'What does Meryl Streep look like as a Pop Tart?'

Answer: a beautiful Pop Tart

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

It is a truth universally acknowledged that if you combine one cool thing with another cool thing, you will get a thing that's at least twice as cool as what you started with. That's probably the theory behind Taste of Streep, an Instagram account that takes images of Meryl Streep and merges them with foods that match her outfit. The result feels like a colorful fever dream in which a famous actress's body is suddenly growing out of the very food you're about to consume. The account's tagline is Because what more could you want? and the answer is, Not much, but I am kind of hungry to be honest.

There's something for everyone here: Meryl Streep as bacon, Meryl Streep as tater tots, Meryl Streep as cheesy nachos, and Meryl Streep as a pineapple-encrusted ham. What a world; there truly is beauty all around us. I am, however, pretty hungry.

Oh and one last thing. Taste of Streep is only following one person on Instagram right now: Meryl Streep.