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GTA 5 mod brings The Last of Us to Rodeo Drive

GTA 5 mod brings The Last of Us to Rodeo Drive

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The PC modding community has had less than a year with Grand Theft Auto 5, and yet its creations continue to impress with their scope and ambition. None have felt as grand as the new mod from Rapidiment, "After Us: Rodeo," which recreates the destruction and urban greenery of The Last of Us on a portion of the streets of Los Santos.

According to the mod's download page, it includes over 60 wrecked vehicles, a custom safe house, and 1,675 props. The mod will tax the average PC, requiring 8GB RAM to run smoothly. Those who prefer to leave the tinkering and PC upgrades to someone else can watch the mod instead. YouTuber taltigolt has uploaded a 5-minute tour on 1080p.

Or maybe you're ready to dip your toe into the GTA 5 modding waters. In which case, you should visit our collection of mod favorites from late last year. There's no better way to test the waters than to flood the virtual city.